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Jekabpils History Museum
Adress Rīgas iela 216b, Jēkabpils
Phone +37165221042, +37165232501
E-mail krustpils1@inbox.lv
Internet www.jekabpilsmuzejs.lv
Offer visitors are introduced to the history of Krustpils castle, palace halls, the Soviet Army exhibition, cellar, castle tower and other short term exhibitions.Jekabpils History Museum open - air exhibition „Sēļu sēta” In the permanent exhibition there is typical Selian districts middle-income peasant farm prototype as it was in 19th century: the windmill, barn, dwelling house, tools and household items. Visitors are offered to experience a variety of educational programs.
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Saukas Nature Park
Adress "Pagastmāja", Saukas pagasts, Viesītes novads, LV-5224
Phone +371 29428226
E-mail saukasdabasparks@inbox.lv
Internet www.saukasdabasparks.lv
Jēkabpils Tourist information centre
Adress Brīvības iela 140/142, Jēkabpils
Phone (+371)65233822
E-mail jektic@apollo.lv
Internet www.jekabpils.lv
SPA center "Citrus"
Adress Kurzemes iela 8, Jēkabpils
Phone (+371)65221737, 65221493
E-mail realssia@inbox.lv
Internet www.citrusspa.lv
Viesite Museum "Sēlija"
Adress Brīvības iela 10, Viesīte, Viesītes novads, LV-5237
Phone +371 65245549, 29116334
E-mail viesitesmuzejsselija@inbox.lv
Internet www.muzejsselija.lv
Krustpils Municipality
Adress Rīgas iela 150a, Jēkabpils, LV5202
Phone +37120288052
E-mail spodris.berzins@krustpils.lv
Offer All about tourism in Krustpils Municipality, responsible mr. Spodris Bērziņš

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